Great Customer Service

about-us-1We have all had good, bad, and exceptional experiences when it comes to the service we get from a business.  There’s not much that separates one company providing Business Internet Services from another, except customer service.

What We all Have

Every company that delivers Business Internet Service has:

  • High Speed Fiber Optic Access
  • Highly reliable equipment
  • Customer Service

How Do You Choose?

Shannon Jones, CEO of Skyspan Wireless, said, “We all have similar equipment and services.  What separates our company from the rest is our level of service to our customers.  Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service which relies on personal and immediate contact.  Because of our exceptional customer service, Skyspan Wireless should be your choice.  Let us prove we’re the best for your business needs.”

What is Exceptional Customer Service?

Skyspan Wireless doesn’t rely on call centers.  When you call us for service, you get immediate contact with a service technician specialist.  This separates Skyspan Wireless from the rest.

Skyspan Wireless also moves fast.  Do you want new service?  You get it fast.  You won’t wait weeks to get an install.  In the unlikely event there’s a problem, the service technical specialists move quickly.  When you call, your call is transferred to the correct people.  You don’t become a Service Ticket.  That’s what separates Skyspan Wireless from the rest.

Your business needs the exceptional customer service that separates Skyspan Wireless from the rest.  Remove the worry of service you expect from your internet company.  Choosing Skyspan Wireless.  They’re the best wireless service company in Kansas City.  Skyspan uses the best equipment.  Also, their personal service to their customers is the best there is.

Call Skyspan Wireless today at 816-214-4500.  You may prefer to email them at  They’ll install wireless Internet Service for your business.  You’ll get the finest customer service, too.