It all Started with an Idea

All businesses start from a bright idea put into action.  The person with the idea must have the intestinal fortitude to risk that first step.  Businesses are usually built upon knowledge gained from experience.  In the case of Shannon Jones and Skyspan Wireless, it all began with an idea for a new business in Kansas City driven by his entrepreneurial spirit.

Shannon Jones

Shannon grew up in a small community in northern Missouri where he also attended high school.  He attended college at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, majoring in Business Management.  Following college, twelve years in the insurance business honed Shannon’s customer service skills. He then realized a bright idea for his own business.

Shannon’s Dad sat on a Utility Board committed to providing Internet service to rural Missouri.  Shannon began considering building a new Wireless Internet company in Kansas City.  After some research, Skyspan Wireless began.  The company continues to grow partially on the reputation for the best customer service.

What Shannon Learned About Wireless Internet

“Business isn’t so much what I’ve learned about wireless internet.  It’s what I’ve learned about customers.  Customers want a solution to their Wireless Internet problems.  When our clients have internet problems, they don’t want to hear some voicemail system.  Business can’t continue if the Internet isn’t working.  The same is true for any business client.”

“Skyspan Wireless makes sure clients speak to a human within five minutes.  We take this very seriously.  We’re proud of our uptime, which is well over 99%,” stated Shannon.

Expansion Provides Better Service

Aiming to serve customers better, Skyspan Wireless has enabled clients to now have access to greater bandwidth and a better quality network.  “We now provide our customers with a private IP address,” said Shannon.

Some larger clients the Skyspan team serves are the Intercontinental Hotel and the Kansas City Convention Center.  Shannon Jones summed up his passion for customer service, “No matter how large or small a business, each customer gets the same superior quality service.  No one expects downtime.  If we get a call, they’re operating again in a few minutes.”

The level of service is evident with an uptime average greater than 99%.  Skyspan  Wireless provides quality Wireless Internet service to the Kansas City area.

Living Customer Service

The whole team at Skyspan contributes quality performance and immense pride.  These qualities only occur if the team values customer service, assures everything works, and is personally available when needed. “From personal experience, I learned that if you passionately care about your customers while solving their problems, the rest of the business takes care of itself.

Creating Even Better Service

Shannon Jones focuses on better service for his clients with new equipment, up-dated technology and a professional staff.  His efforts also include microwave and up-graded networking services.  He said, “Our team thrives on exceptional customer service and continual equipment improvement.”

If you want the best Wireless Internet Service with a personal focus on customer service and quality equipment, call Skyspan Wireless at 816-214-4500.