Colocation is the term used for off-site storage of enterprise servers used to operate a company’s business network. Skyspan’s colocation services provide a controlled environment for your computer and networking equipment.  Our colocation service will provide a humidity, temperature, and air-flow controlled environment with 24-hour security.

Skyspan Wireless provides small, mid-market, and enterprise clients with first class colocation services and a best-in-class network operations center.

Skyspan Wireless has facilities designed for proper storage of network equipment. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized access, use of valuable space, or costly renovations to maintain your network equipment.

Our Skyspan colocation can be configured with:

  • Racks designed in a number of configurations, including half-rack, half-cabinet, full cabinet or “U” configurations.
  • Secure installations in which your equipment is installed in fully enclosed and secured cabinets with locking mechanisms designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Multiple Bandwidth options including providing your own bandwidth from a carrier of your choice or purchasing bandwidth directly from Skyspan Wireless.
  • Multiple, high-capacity, redundant Internet connections for a reliable system with high availability. Our multi-layered approach to networking infrastructure minimizes single points of failure.
  • UPS-protected power
  • Back up emergency diesel power
  • Redundant air-conditioning
  • Automated fire-suppression systems

All these advantages are available to provide networking right to your office. You’ll have a range of internet connectivity options with better than 99.99% uptime operations. The Colocation Operations are fully secure and come with full Level 1 technical support 24/7, 365 days per year for maintenance protection. If you require Level 2 or 3 protection,  Skyspan Wireless and  their technicians  will protect your equipment with the level of service you want.

There’s no need to build your own facility. Our costs are competitive. You can Collocate for your own secure storage space with a level of maintenance protection that serves your needs. Give  Skyspan Wireless a call today at 816-214-4500 or contact us by email at