Network Managed Services

Do you have a small office network set up to communicate your front office to the back office? Are you a large company with a fully integrated computer network or is your business somewhere in between?

Many companies have networks. They’re happy until the networks don’t work well, which invariably happens. Who do you turn to if you don’t have all the in-house technical staff to deal with maintaining and correcting problems with your computer network system?

What are Your Options?

Just about any company has at least one computer. Now most companies have more than one linked to a computer system network. On the surface, you may not think you have a network. A network is more than one computer all linked to one Internet connection.

Since we’ve established that just about anyone could have a network, what are your options for maintenance and resolving problems?

Option 1

Do nothing and wait until your network stops working. This creates employee and customer relation problems. You’ll lose sales. It can also be horridly expensive to call a repair person.

Option 2

Have your own technical staff to maintain and repair your network. This works well if your company is the size to warrant having dedicated staff to sustain your network. For most businesses, this is not a viable option.

Option 3

Bring in Skyspan Wireless to manage and maintain your network. They offer a flat-fee program. This is as close as you can get in your business to having your own staff. Skyspan provides management and technical support 24/7, 365 days per year.


Skyspan Wireless, with their fully-trained, technical staff, is as close as you’ll get to having your own staff. They can give you great service at a much reduced cost. Skyspan Wireless will design a management and maintenance plan that suits your system and your budget.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike. You can’t always count on the reliability of your office network system. Call Shannon Jones of Skyspan Wireless today at 816-214-4500 or contact him by email at Let Shannon show you how Skyspan Wireless can improve your office computer network at a cost you can afford.