Every time I climb into my airplane, I am thankful for the plane’s system redundancies. Every major component has a backup in case something fails when you need it most. Maybe you need a backup Internet connection in case your internet fails when you need it most.

Most companies can no longer survive without an Internet connection. There are few interruptions. But, like me up in the wild blue yonder, do you want to take a chance with a failure? I don’t. I’m happy to have the redundancies as my insurance against failure. You need to consider Internet redundancy in case of a failure.

Contact Skyspan Wireless. He’ll be happy to help you decide whether or not your internet connection needs backup.

What is a Backup Internet Connection?

A backup Internet connection is a redundant system that will automatically kick in if the primary system fails. Skyspan Wireless will install a redundant Interconnection connection into your office. It’ll give you 100% confidence in your access to the Internet.

What Will Skyspan Install?

Skyspan will install a complete redundant Internet connection into your office or building that provides an alternate access route to the Internet. This is typically done with a wireless connection and fiber optics with a separate access point to your system. When the primary system fails the redundant system will kick in, providing continuous Internet access for you.


A loss of Internet connection for your business will cost you money.  It may be in lost productivity or lost sales. Either way, it will cost you. Tomorrow may be too late if your system crashes today.

Talk to  Skyspan Wireless now about the benefits of installing a backup Internet connection. The phone number is 816-214-4500. Or contact Skyspan by email at  Let Skyspan Wireless help you by installing a redundant Internet connection.