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A Dark, Stormy Night Without Fixed Wireless Internet Service

It was a dark and stormy night.  The wind howled, and the rain pelted the windows.  Lightening periodically flashed across the moonless, stormy sky.  I worried whether or not our Internet connections in our business could hold up under such conditions. Does Weather Affect the Internet? Weather constantly affects internet speed and connections.  Howling winds Read More

Installing Wireless Internet in Your Business

Installing Wireless Internet Many seriously numerous complexities run a business.  One of the top worries in today’s business market is the proper wireless installation.  Wireless installation forces a number of issues relating to putting wireless in a business. Business Needs Connecting to a wireless router doesn’t mean you chose the right wireless Internet service for Read More

Illegal Downloads

What’s the Issue? The first thing children want to know about a hotel is, “Dad, does it have Wi-Fi?”  Many needs have changed over the years including good internet service at your hotel.  Now hotel guests ask about internet service rather than the pool.  Good internet service attracts clients and businesses to your hotel. Everyone Read More

New Internet Equipment

What’s New in Internet Equipment? I remember my first Internet connection, a separate phone line that delivered 128 kbps. Internet in the early days was considered the 8th wonder of the world. The Internet, for me, slipped to 9th after I visited Machu Pichu in Peru, an “unbelievable” experience. Walking the Inca Trail and arriving Read More

Wireless Service in Your Business

The many complexities of running a business develops into a long list. An important addition to that list is knowing whether or not to install wireless capabilities in the business. A number of issues relating to installation can occur. Meet your Business Needs A wireless Internet service in your business is not as simple as Read More

Wireless for Hotels

Wireless Internet Service in a Hotel Freedom to communicate is what we expect with Internet service every day.  Reliable, sustainable, fast Internet service is absolutely necessary in a hotel.  An Internet failure causes angry customers and will quickly drive customers away. Internet Use in a Hotel Computer network services are a game changer for hotels.  Read More

Microwave Fixed Wireless Internet Service

What is all the fuss about Microwave Fixed Wireless Internet Service? A few years ago, we were ecstatic about accessing 28K Internet.  Then, the speed doubled to 56K, followed by 512K.  After that, there was a giant leap forward to fiber optic internet.  Not everyone has the cables for fiber optic Internet.  They need the Read More

What is an SLA?

What is an SLA? Why is it important to understand and appreciate what it means? Not all SLA’s are created equal. Understanding an SLA and what it means is critical to your business’s wireless internet service. What is an SLA? “SLA” stands for Service Level Agreement. It’s a description of the level of service a Read More

Great Customer Service

We have all had good, bad, and exceptional experiences when it comes to the service we get from a business.  There’s not much that separates one company providing Business Internet Services from another, except customer service. What We all Have Every company that delivers Business Internet Service has: High Speed Fiber Optic Access Highly reliable Read More