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Business Class Broadband Internet from Skyspan Wireless is an affordable and scalable solution for your business. Skyspan Wireless offers Internet access services from 10 Mbps up to Gigabit speeds.  These services can be installed and running in a fraction of the time generally quoted by other providers. With our broadband data services, you are no longer limited to T1 or DS3 increments. – Skyspan Wireless gives you just the right amount of bandwidth you need to support and grow your business.



Our Business Class Broadband Internet service is uniquely suited to your ever-changing needs, whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 1000 company. With our fixed wireless network, Skyspan Wireless delivers high-bandwidth Internet access over the air, directly from our base station to your office. Because we bypass the local phone and cable infrastructure, you don’t have to pay the additional cost of the local loop. We deliver internet access, loop and port for one affordable price. We stand behind our services with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, delivered at a cost performance level unmatched in the industry.



Skyspan Wireless is more than just Wireless Networking. Our robust fiber optic backbone connects many office buildings in Kansas City, providing high speed data connections instantly to clients. Skyspan Fiber delivers service to small, mid-market and enterprise level clients who demand high availability internet and Metro-Ethernet connections between buildings. Consider Skyspan fiber optic solutions a perfect match for any traffic need, including audio, video, and data streaming, high availability, or high bandwidth requirements.



Device management can be a pain, especially when you don't have the infrastructure, or manpower to be able to perform these critical duties. Skyspan Wireless's Network Operation Center, will deliver turn key management, monitoring, and failure solutions for your router and other network equipment. Built on a foundation of technical excellence and professional certifications, we are able to manage large and small network equipment performing a variety of task. Dynamic updates and software patches are automatically applied so that you never have to worry about security issues, or your network going down.



Cybercrime is predicted to grow again this year, and most of the attacks target individuals, small, and mid-market businesses. Skyspan Managed Security is our total security service for SMB's who are serious about security. Regardless of if you are a healthcare organization, concerned about HIPAA compliance, a financial organization, complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, or a school working with CIPA, you need a security team that can handle your challenges. Skyspan Managed Security will meet and exceed your cyber security expectations.