Your healthcare organization has enough on its plate. You don’t need to worry about technology. But when the technology just doesn’t work correctly, you lose time trying to make your tablet or computer work. You also lose face with your patients who are waiting for your caring hand. Ask yourself, can you rely on your technology and Internet connectivity? Does it allow your staff to be more productive and care for your patients?

Skyspan Wireless serves as your guide to a total technology solution for all your healthcare organization’s needs:


SECURITY:You know you must, by law, protect your patients’ PHI. You have your staff take the HIPAA class every year. But you know you’re not really secure. You need Skyspan Wireless to install a comprehensive email and network security solution including encryption, user authentication, and password protection. Anti-virus, spam and malware services, automated backups, and more will protect you and your patients. Skyspan will analyze your existing security products, settings, and protocols. They’ll search for potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance to regulations like HIPAA and HITECH.


STRATEGY:Skyspan Wireless will help you plan ahead for Meaningful Use. This is done by creating a unique IT strategy. That strategy will leverage the precise EHR technology to fit your needs and your budget.


VERSATILITY:Digitizing your records and making use of cloud-based storage will help you go paperless. Your records will be secure against in-office disasters. Skyspan can help you mobilize your systems. You be able to use applications and access records on the go. That includes the front office and the exam room.

Skyspan Wireless is the complete solution for your healthcare organization. We can turn-key your Internet connectivity, your Network, and your IT needs. Treat us as a complete extension of your business. – We’ll focus on resolving your IT challenges so you can focus on what’s important: getting work done. Call us at 816-214-4500 or email us today at