Skyspan Cloud Solutions provide your business with a competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking for PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), or a SaaS (Software are a Service) Cloud, Skyspan can help you.  To give our client’s a competitive advantage, we differentiate ourselves in a variety of ways that provide better benefits to your business.

Some of the Cloud Service components that differentiate the Skyspan Wireless service from its competitors and provide an advantage to your business are:

  • Direct access to the human element. When you call, you’re greeted by a real person, not a machine. You’ll always have contact with the human element.
  • Your own Cloud. You may choose to be on a system partitioned but shared by others where only you have access to your part. You can have a stand-alone cloud system. Skyspan Wireless will develop the level of cloud separation that suits you.
  • There are a number of connectivity options. You may choose from connectivity through another provider. Or you may allow Skyspan to connect you directly with one of their connectivity solutions.
  • Choose the bandwidth that is best for you. Skyspan Wireless, can provide the bandwidth that suits your needs. It can be expanded in the future as demands warrant.
  • Have access to the level of technical support that suits you. Skyspan Wireless provides Level 1 support to all clients 24/7, 365 days per year. They can also develop a maintenance program that works best for you.

The differentiation in cloud service from Skyspan Wireless provides unparalleled benefits to your company. You get the exact level of service you want at an affordable cost with a real person who is with you every step of the way. Get the best in cloud services for your company by calling us today at 816-214-4500 or contact us by email at