When Brian Pepperdine of Wagner Logistics wanted to upgrade their Wireless Internet Connectivity, he said, “There was no question who I was going to call.” He called Shannon Jones of Skyspan Wireless in Kansas City, Missouri. Skyspan provided quick, personal service for Wagner Logistics.

Brian commented when asked why he chose Skyspan and not a larger provider, “Their technical staff are fantastic and know what they’re doing. They responded quickly. I didn’t have to wait weeks for our upgraded system to be up and running. It only took two days.”

Brian responded positively about Skyspan Wireless Customer Service, “There isn’t any other company in their league. The uptime is almost flawless. In fact, I can only remember one time we had an issue. They isolated the problem to a faulty piece of equipment which was quickly swapped out at no charge to my company.”

Pepperdine concluded, “Skyspan technical people are only a phone call away if there are any problems. Every time I’ve called, I’ve spoken to an actual human, even when I accidentally called! However, we never seem to need them because our wireless system just continues to operate way beyond our expectations.”

Skyspan Wireless

Skyspan Wireless and its sister company, ICG Networks, provides Wireless Internet Solutions in the Kansas City area to commercial, industrial, and business clients. If you or your organization wants Wireless Internet Service you can fully rely on Skyspan Wireless. Check out their website, too.

There are many great companies and organizations in the Kansas City relying on Skyspan and ICG for their Internet Service. Their internet service provides faster internet connection and consistent uptime. Let Skyspan and ICG improve your business with their impeccable service.

You’ll also be pleased by the personal customer service you’ll find at Skyspan Wireless. You speak to a real person when you call, and you’re always their first priority.

Call Skyspan Wireless at 816-214-4500 to discover how they can improve your business with their Wireless Internet Service.