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What You Need to Know About Skyspan Fixed Wireless Internet Access.

It’s Monday morning, and one of your employees notifies you that the Internet is down again. Aside from the inconvenience this causes, as you pick up the phone to call your Internet guys AGAIN, you could be on the hook for bigger cost. The cost of employee’s sitting around, doing nothing, the cost of lost business because you can’t get quotes out, and a variety of other cost. Maybe, it’s time you think about getting another Internet Service?  It’s time to think about Skyspan Fixed Wireless service.

Modern Business

Modern, competitive companies rely on the Internet for virtually every aspect of their business, from client communications, to payroll, to vendor and supplier relationships. All of these aspects of your business are put into jeopardy when your Internet is unreliable.

Introducing Fixed Wireless

The critical nature of the Internet in our daily businesses demands a solution that is lightning fast and ultra-reliable. Skyspan Wireless Fixed Wireless Internet meets and exceeds these criteria.   With speed in the 1 Gigabit range, and 99.99% reliability, Skyspan Wireless offers you a solution in which you can be confident.

“Our Fixed Wireless Internet Access is intended to meet and exceed business expectations in every way.” – Shannon Jones, CEO Skyspan Wireless

A Problem with a Solution

Regardless of the challenges your Internet Access is causing your business, Skyspan Wireless can deliver a Fixed Wireless solution that will meet your needs. Skyspan can deliver solutions for spectrum issues where interference may be an issue, such as a military base or airport.  In addition, we offer both licensed and unlicensed fixed wireless solutions that can meet several different long distance requirements. Having a worry free, always up, high speed solution for your Internet access, data back-haul needs, or point to point and multi-point needs is mandatory in today’s competitive environment. Skyspan Wireless is the solution.

What Are You Waiting For?

In the Kansas City area, one company has been selected to install and manage critical Fixed Wireless Internet access in many businesses. Their service and quality of work speak volumes about Skyspan Wireless. They could boast about their 99.99% uptime and their excellent service.

Skyspan Wireless brings excellent personal service and commitment to quality. If you need blistering fast Internet Access that’s reliable and cost effective, contact Skyspan Wireless. You’ll speak with a real person, not a machine. They can be reached 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You’ll receive the best of installed equipment, an up-time guarantee of more than 99%, and an absolute commitment to quality and personal customer service.

Don’t let slow or inadequate Fixed Wireless Service cost time and money. Contact Skyspan Wireless today by calling 816-214-4500 or contact them by email at You’ll be glad you called. You’ll get great service and personal contact every time you call.