Since the earliest days of the abacus, education and technology have been inseparable. Today, K-12 schools rely more than ever on technology to streamline learning and better serve their students. How can you make sure your students, teachers, and other stakeholders are receiving the best possible service from your technology infrastructure?

Skyspan Wireless is the Solution

From Internet Connections, to Managed Services and new technology, to helping you comply with laws like CIPA, Skyspan Wireless can help:



  • Technology is a constantly changing landscape. New technologies and learning opportunities arise every year. Add that to the education of our children. It’s almost a non-stop, up-hill climb. It’s imperative to keep up with these changing technologies. It’s very important for your teachers to keep up with the growing technological world. How do you decide what to focus on? What is in the best interest of your students? Technologically speaking, how can you help your teachers and your students?  Skyspan Wireless can help.


  • Skyspan Wireless can protect your students from the Internet’s questionable content, predators, and from malicious intent.
  • We ensure your data remains private and confidential. We offer services like network security, firewalls, malware protection, user authentication, and more.
  • We provide backup services and can help you make a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Mobile learning and access to school data from anywhere is critical. Skyspan Wireless will be there to guide and help your schools.
  • Skyspan Wireless will provide the infrastructure your students, faculty, and parents rely on every day.

Skyspan Wireless is the complete solution for your Education organization. We can turn-key your Internet connectivity, Network, and IT needs. Treat us as a complete extension of your business. – We’ll focus on resolving your IT challenges. You focus on what’s important: getting work done. Call us at 816-214-4500 or email us today at