Illegal Downloads

What’s the Issue?legal-1143115_960_720

The first thing children want to know about a hotel is, “Dad, does it have Wi-Fi?”  Many needs have changed over the years including good internet service at your hotel.  Now hotel guests ask about internet service rather than the pool.  Good internet service attracts clients and businesses to your hotel.

Everyone in a hotel competes for internet access causing a tremendous demand for wireless, VOIP, live-streaming, conference requirements, web-surfing and email.  However, illegal downloads seriously affect internet access within a hotel.  Too many occurrences directly affect the hotel’s ability to satisfy its guests’ demands.

What is an illegal download?

An illegal download is the theft of copyrighted material that would otherwise have to be paid for.  In a hotel setting, this typically involves the downloading of music and movies without paying.

Issues with Downloads

Illegally downloading requires specific software on the user’s computer.  No one can control this, but the hotel internet system can be protected. In Missouri, the owner of the hotel shoulders the responsibility of providing protection, otherwise, the following may occur:

  1. The service provider sues the hotel to obtain the name(s) of the user.
  2. The provider could terminate service to the hotel if non-compliance continues.

How Does the Hotel Comply?

A simple, but imperfect solution exists for the complex issue of illegal downloads.  Installation of a low-cost program blocks illegal downloading, however, it blocks all file downloading.  The computer system can’t differentiate between legal or illegal downloads.  Skyspan Wireless creates a workable solution which limits the impact on the hotel as well as on the guests.


New technology adds many advantages, therefore, the most advanced equipment should be standard practice for any hotel.  Skyspan Wireless works with you to create the best and most affordable solution for you hotel’s internet service regarding illegal downloads.

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Two critical issues exist when dealing with your hotel’s internet service, reliability and illegal download control.  You need a good internet service provider who can willingly help with pesky illegal internet issues and maintain fast service to your guests.

The best, most informed service in the Kansas City, Missouri area comes from Skyspan Wireless.  You talk to real people interested in your issues when you call for service.  They provide personal, lightning-fast service with a smile.  You’ll love the results when you contact Skyspan Wireless for full internet service at your hotel.

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