New Internet Equipment

What’s New in Internet Equipment?

I remember my first Internet connection, a separate phone line that delivered 128 kbps. Internet in the early days was considered the 8th wonder of the world. The Internet, for me, slipped to 9th after I visited Machu Pichu in Peru, an “unbelievable” experience. Walking the Inca Trail and arriving at Machu Pichu, located more than 5,000 meters in the mountains, then became the 8th wonder.

Today’s Availability

Gone are the days of making coffee while the Internet boots up. Instantaneous results, with internet speeds up to 100 Mbps, are now a welcome resource in our daily lives while business connectivity progresses to a much higher rate.

What are Upstream Impacts?

A business’s Local Area Network (LAN) may be designed for lightning speed, but upstream links, the way the signal is delivered, could cause slow connectivity. Common equipment and common users between your LAN and your ISP comprise the greatest impact on your business internet speed and reliability.


Every business should consider installing their own wireless Internet connection directly from their ISP to their place of business. The benefits including, but aren’t limited to:

• No cables, no damage.
• Single user, your business. No others competing for signal space.
• Ease of building redundancy for greater reliability.
• No slowdown in signal transmission because of overcrowding on the fixed line.

The Best Wireless

Skyspan Wireless provides the best Wireless Internet service in Kansas City, Kansas. Independent of large operators, they offering rapid, quality service to an extensive portfolio of business customers who appreciate:

  • Consistency and redundancy of service offered by Skyspan.
  • Fantastic customer support and service.
  • Lightning Speed, up to 1.5 Gbps.

What’s Next?

Manufacturers of wireless Internet equipment are always making improvements in such areas as smaller equipment or faster service. Shannon Jones, the owner of Skyspan Wireless, says, “We continually upgrade our equipment to maintain service, speed, and reliability. Presently, we offer up to 1.5 Gbps to your business for consistency, reliability, and lightning speed.”

Call Skyspan Wireless

As a business, Internet service delays and lack of reliability cost you money. Skyspan Wireless offers lightning-speed wireless internet service to the Kansas City, Kansas area. When you call, you actually speak to a human being. It’s part of their commitment of service to you.

Call Skyspan Wireless at 816-214-4500 or Click Here to check out their range of services.