Wireless Service in Your Business

imagesThe many complexities of running a business develops into a long list. An important addition to that list is knowing whether or not to install wireless capabilities in the business. A number of issues relating to installation can occur.

Meet your Business Needs

A wireless Internet service in your business is not as simple as connecting to a wireless router.  Wireless today provides the opportunity for greater flexibility of personnel. It can, therefore, allow you to reach new levels of business performance.

The correct strategy significantly improves the collection of production data. The improved technology also assists with the discovery of environmental problems. For example, leaks and other issues are detected before they become large complications. Improved security is another benefit of Wireless technology. Access to your business, as well as vigilant support of internal security is yet another enhancement.

Whatever your situation, technology runs your business better if updated and prepared correctly.

What about Actual Service?

There are several important considerations when choosing the actual wireless service for your business:

  1. Speed: Whatever speed you use today, you’ll need more tomorrow. You need a provider who expand the bandwidth and speed of your service.
  2. Uptime: Most providers advertise better than 99% uptime. The issue is the contract. There’ll be a specific number of times per month their contract allows them to fall below their specified service time. They’re only penalized if they are down more than the allotted time.
  3. Customer Support: When your connection has issues, lost time can cost money. You need a company with outstanding customer support.

Converting to a Wireless Business

When you’re ready to make the transformation to an updated, wireless system, call the best in the Kansas City area. Skyspan and their sister company, ICG Networks, will provide all the expansion you’ll ever need. Their customer service is the best. You talk directly to a human who’ll repair any issue, usually remotely.

Ask for references. They’ll provide references who’ll confirm that Skyspan’s service is outstanding.

Call Skyspan at 816-214-4500 to update your business with wireless service.