What is an SLA?

What is an SLA? Why is it important to understand and appreciate what it means? Not all SLA’s are created equal. Understanding an SLA and what it means is critical to your business’s wireless internet service.

What is an SLA?

“SLA” stands for Service Level Agreement. It’s a description of the level of service a customer can expect from an Internet service provider. It also describes what the penalties will be if the level of service is not achieved. For example, some of the principal components are:

  • Minimum Internet signal download speed.
  • Minimum Internet signal upload speed.
  • Percentage of uptime. The Internet signal should be above the minimum download and upload speeds.

There may be other measures used. When comparing the reliability of Internet service between suppliers, it’s important to know which measures are used. For example, one provider may suggest their uptime is 99.99%. But their minimums may be at 40% of what you are expecting. Another service may have 99.99% at 80% of what you are expecting.

SLA is Important to Understand

It is critical to understand the SLA when evaluating who to use as your commercial wireless Internet service provider. Quality suppliers of wireless Internet services know their SLA. If you are in the market for wireless Internet service, ask about the company’s SLA and for the references to prove it. If you don’t get a straight answer, don’t use that company.

What about Indemnification?

Indemnification is an important component of a service agreement. Any customer should ensure the Internet supplier agrees to indemnify the client for any breaches of the contract. With indemnification, the Internet provider will have to pay the customer for any third-party litigation costs as a result of its breach of warranties. This is missing from many typical contracts. Make sure it’s included when evaluating service contracts.

How Can You Verify Service Levels?

There should be an agreed upon monitoring process as part of an SLA. There are three methods to consider for monitoring service levels. The client determines which is appropriate for their needs. They may choose:

  1. That the Internet provider makes service statistics available through a Web portal, or;
  2. That the Internet provider offers the customer the programs required to self-monitor, or;
  3. To have a third-party organization monitor service levels.

Talk to Skyspan Wireless

An SLA is an important component of any Internet service contract. Skyspan Wireless protects the interests of its customers by having a properly applied SLA. They are happy to discuss this matter or any wireless issues with clients and potential clients. As a client, you’ll receive the references to check the SLA yourself. No brash, no bull, just straight-up talk.

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