Wireless for Hotels

Wireless Internet Service in a Hotelimages

Freedom to communicate is what we expect with Internet service every day.  Reliable, sustainable, fast Internet service is absolutely necessary in a hotel.  An Internet failure causes angry customers and will quickly drive customers away.

Internet Use in a Hotel

Computer network services are a game changer for hotels.  Overnight guests demand exceptional Internet services.  Guests require access for video streaming, Voice-over-IP, and a Point of Sale System connected to reservations.

The Problem

Thousands of businesses and people compete to squeeze their computer network services through the same Internet Line at roughly the same times.  More people and more data demanding internet access actually slows the process considerably.

We have all experienced this phenomenon.  Sometimes the Internet signal slows to a crawl.  When this occurs in a hotel, the result is almost as bad as not having Internet.

The Solution

There are many challenges involving your Internet signal.  Keeping up with your hotel guests’ internet service demands is just one of the issues to consider.  What you need is a trustworthy, good Wireless Internet network service.  There’s a solution for you in Kansas City, Kansas.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Company?

If you base your choice of Wireless network services in Kansas City on price alone, you won’t get what you need.  You need the best.  The  Internet provider you choose should:

  1. Be a professional team who will carefully plan and design the installation of Wireless Internet service.
  2. Only use FCC approved equipment.
  3. Provide an IP Address for your system.
  4. Confirm reliable, experienced service in providing Wireless Internet service to hotels.
  5. Have a plan that addresses redundancy in case of service failure.
  6. Have an instantly accessible service program when you need problems solved.
  7. Willingly provide a Service Level Agreement confirming their standard for Internet operations and support for your system.
  8. Willingly provide quality references.

Consider these points when selecting a Wireless Internet company for your hotel.  You must have Internet service that works well.  Good, solid internet service is critical to your hotel.

Who to Choose?

Skyspan Wireless is a locally-owned company committed to providing the best Internet service to hotels in the Kansas City area. They and their sister company, ICG Networks, provide the quality service and experience to deliver the best Wireless Internet service to your hotel.


Access to dependable, sustainable, fast Internet service is integral to the fabric of any hotel.  It’s an absolute need.  Skyspan Wireless, in the Kansas City area, offers the best  Internet service for your hotel.  They will satisfy all your internet needs and help keep your guests satisfied.

Choose Skyspan Wireless and give them a call at 816-214-4500.